Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony Music Los AngelesChoosing your Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music can be challenging and overwhelming.  How do I choose the wedding ceremony music?  How do I choose the wedding ceremony musicians?

The best thing to do with regards to picking out the specific music and the musicians for your wedding ceremony is to listen!  Listen to different styles of music – for instance, Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc.  At the same time, listen to the different types of musicians you can have playing that music.

Wedding Ceremony Music LAThe first decision is whether you want all Classical music selections, or do you want to incorporate more contemporary styles of music, like a current pop song.  Once you’ve narrowed down the style of music you want, it will be easier to choose what to listen to.

There are many traditional Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music options in the Classical genre to choose from.  If you want a more traditional ceremony, this is usually the route to go.  Spend time with iTunes or with websites that offer lots of Los Angeles wedding ceremony music examples, like Essence Entertainment’s Musical Ensembles website page, or their YouTube Wedding Music Samples Playlist.  Here you’ll find lots of terrific samples in all styles.

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony MusicEssence Entertainment’s samples will also let you listen to the different types of musicians you have to choose from – for instance, Solo Harp or Guitar, Harp Ensemble, String Trio or Quartet, Brass Ensemble, etc., etc.  Simply pick the type of musician(s) you like the sound of!  There’s no right or wrong, or more traditional, or any such thing – just pick the instruments you like!

Once you’ve picked the instruments you like best, make a list of the musical selections you like best.

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony MusicNext thing to do is match the song selection with the particular ceremony formality.  By this I mean you want to pick a song for the Seating of the Mom’s, Bridesmaids Entrance, Bridal Processional, and the Recessional at the very least.  Other formalities you may want to participate in are Candle Lighting, Communion, Gift Presentation, or even a song for the Groomsmen to enter on.

Wedding Ceremony Music LANow you can start to match the song to the formality.  The Bridal Processional can be the traditional ‘Here Comes the Bride’, ‘Trumpet Voluntary’, or even your favorite love song.  Think about whether you want the music to make an introductory statement, or you want a more easy flowing, romantic ambiance.  Then maybe use your Mom’s favorite song for her Seating…or another one of your favorites…

Follow this by picking the Recessional, then the song for the Bridesmaids Entrance.  All the left over songs can be requested for Prelude Music, while Guests are arriving and being seated, if you wish.

Wedding Ceremony Music LAIf you’d like some additional assistance with picking the music and the musicians for your Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Staff at Essence Entertainment – they’d be delighted to assist you with this process!





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