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Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding BandsWedding Bands Los Angeles





There are many options to choose from when considering Los Angeles Wedding Bands – it can be a little daunting to say the least.

They say the best option when looking for Los Angeles Wedding Bands is to work with a professional, licensed agency.  Why?  There are a number of reasons…

Wedding Bands LAFirst, an agency (like Essence Entertainment) will have access to many bands with your criteria, i.e., size, style, budget, thereby giving you many to choose from – a one-stop shop you might say.

Second, you can rest assured that the Los Angeles Wedding Bands presented to you are professional, experienced, and dependable, and they’ve proven themselves time and time again to the agency to be among the best in their category.

LA Wedding BandsThird, working with an agency provides you with many more services that individual bands generally don’t offer:  professional contracts, phone and office access 6 days per week, considerate follow up, planning services, easy communication, and insurance.  This last item, insurance, is very important to you and to your event site.  Many sites will require that all of your vendors provide proof of insurance.

Wedding Bands Los AngelesEssence Entertainment is just such an agency – licensed, insured, and referred by those you trust.  In business for over 30 years now, Essence Entertainment has proven themselves to be a leader in the industry when it comes to live entertainment and event production.

In addition to terrific Los Angeles Wedding Bands, Essence Entertainment also provides all of your Wedding Ceremony Music needs.  Be it a String Trio, Solo Harp, Guitar Flute Duo, or Mariachis, Essence Entertainment has anything and everything you might desire for your Wedding Ceremony Music.

LA Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding Bands





Adding a DJ with your Band is very popular these days, and Essence Entertainment can add one of their excellent Disc Jockeys to your event to enhance the Band’s performance (if the Band doesn’t already come with its own DJ).

LA Disc JockeyLA DJ

Orange County Novelty Acts

Orange County Novelty Acts

Orange County Novelty ActOrange County Novelty Acts are great fun and can add just the right splash to your corporate event or private party.

What is a Novelty Act?

Novelty Act Orange CountyOrange County Novelty Acts are any type of performer or entertainment that is not a typical Band, DJ, Classical or Jazz Ensemble, or the like.  Novelty Acts are the Magicians, Comedians, Caricature Artists, Contortionists, Stilt Walkers, Living Statues, Walking Candy Tables, Cigar Stations, Look Alikes / Impersonators, Ballroom Dancers, etc.

OC Novelty Act

Novelty Acts can be associated with a Theme – be it Polynesian Dancers for a Luau, Roper for a Country Western party, Look Alikes and Strolling Magician for a Las Vegas themed event, Face Painter for a Children’s party, Crazed Fans and Paparazzi for a Hollywood themed event, Santa and Elves for a Holiday party, or a Water Bubble Acrobat or Synchronized Swimmers for a Backyard Pool party.  Novelty Act Orange County

As you can well imagine, there are many, many options to choose from when it comes to Orange County Novelty Acts.  Numerous are obvious when it comes to matching them with a theme or certain type of event – however, many more options are not as obvious but are just as fabulous!

How do you find these Novelty Acts?  Ask one of the experienced Talent Managers at Essence Entertainment – they can brainstorm with you and help you explore all of the options available to you.

Orange County Novelty ActsMany Novelty Acts can be added to your event ‘just because’ – just because they are different and very entertaining, and sure to delight your guests.  Cirque, Strong Man and Balancing Acts are always a big hit, because they are so visually stimulating and exciting to watch.

Interactive Novelty Acts like Strolling Magicians, Look Alikes, Caricature Artists, Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists, Stilt Walkers, Clowns, Puppeteers, Cigar Rollers, and the like, are great for just about any event where you want activity and energy.  Novelty Act OC

Or maybe you’re having an Awards Banquet or Presentation by a VIP…why not add Fanfare Trumpeters to announce, Showgirls to escort, Illusionist to reveal, or Look Alike to introduce.

Orange County Novelty Acts are definitely something to consider when designing your next party or event – be sure to ask Essence Entertainment how they can help!

How to find an Orange County Professional Band for your Event

Orange County Professional Band

When designing a Corporate Event, Fund Raiser or Wedding Reception, you want the best of everything…site, catering, decor, and entertainment.  When considering entertainment, one of the most important aspects is the professionalism associated with the Talent Agency or Orange County Professional Band you are looking at.  How can you measure professionalism?  Here are a few things to consider…

Professional Band Orange County

Insurance is important in many ways.  It protects you, your site, your guests…it really is all encompassing.  Many sites even insist that your entertainment be insured and provide proof of insurance.  Now, many individual bands are unable to provide proof of insurance.  So what do you do?  The easiest thing is to use a professional Talent Agency like Essence Entertainment, which is fully licensed and insured.  Then you can pick your favorite professional band in Orange County and not worry about providing proof of insurance, as Essence Entertainment can provide a Certificate of Insurance showing your location / hotel as being additionally insured.

Professional Band Orange CountyAnother sign of professionalism is the length of time an agency or band has been in business.  Many agencies pre-qualify the bands they represent, vetting them in all of the important areas:  talent, professionalism, dependability, consistency, ability to MC, etc.  An agency like Essence Entertainment can provide piece of mind with regards to these qualities.  Especially since they’ve been in business for over 30 years!  Many of the professional bands they represent have been with them for a long time and are proven to be dependable and professional.  How nice to have that track record!

Professional Band Orange CountyOrange County Professional Bands come in many shapes and sizes.  The size, style or price point of the band has nothing to do with their professionalism.  When working with a professional agency you can specify the style of band you’re looking for, the budget range you have to work with, the ambiance you want to create, etc.  Essence Entertainment works very hard to provide multiple options to choose from within your parameters.  Having already established their professionalism, you can feel comfortable picking any band they represent.

Are you looking for an Orange County Professional Band?  Spend some time looking at the wonderful Bands at Essence Entertainment.  You won’t be disappointed!  Click logo below:

Orange County Professional Dance Band







Orange County Show Bands

Orange County Show Bands

Planning a Corporate Event and in need of a terrific Show Band?!  Well, look no further!

ESSENCE ENTERTAINMENT has quite the collection of Orange County Show Bands to choose from.

What exactly is a Show Band?  Generally it is a live performance group which specializes in Corporate Events, Fund Raisers, large Weddings, etc., playing a wide variety of music.  These Bands are usually larger than the typical Band (10 or more musicians), and often include costume changes and choreography.  An excellent example of this is The Red Hot Band.

A Show Band can also be what is referred to as a Theme Band – a Band which specializes in a particular type or genre of music.  A good example of this is The Hodads – they specialize in Beach Music.

An Orange County Show Band generally has multiple singers up front, giving you a variety of talent and vocal styles.  Many of the instrumentalists often sing, as well, providing lead as well as back-up vocals.  The Stellar Show Band is a thrilling example of this:

Country Western music is a favorite of many, and another example of a Theme Band would be the Kelly Rae Country Band:

Another exhilarating Orange County Show Band is The Zippers…one male and four female lead vocalists, horn section, etc.

A Show Band can also simply feature a single, charismatic artist up front – someone who can carry the show primarily by him or herself.  Chuck Wansley is just one of those artists…

Essence Entertainment is proud to represent so many outstanding Show Bands.  If you’d like more information about these Bands or would like to learn about additional Orange County Show Bands, be sure to contact Essence Entertainment at your earliest convenience.  You can also preview Show Bands on their website and on their YouTube Channel.


Best Orange County DJs

Best Orange County DJs

Find the Best Orange County DJs at Essence Entertainment!

Looking for a DJ for a wedding or special event can seem a daunting task…there are just so many to choose from!

Here are some important things to consider:

Essence Entertainment is a fully licensed and insured talent agency, which makes them a very credible option to consider.  Many locations require all vendors to be insured, and with Essence Entertainment, there’s one less thing to worry about.

Best Orange County DJs

DJ Sean

Executive Talent Manager Mike Steffens is very diligent about Planning Details – he’ll work closely with you to design a Timeline and Sequence of Events, as well as discuss the preferred musical repertoire (a DJ Song List is always provided).  Your selected DJ will be fully apprised of all of the details, enabling him to run the event smoothly and to your specific desires.

All of Essence Entertainment‘s Best Orange County DJs are very experienced and skilled Emcees.  Since your DJ has all of the details of your event in hand, he is ideally suited to conduct all of the announcements and formalities.  An experienced and well-versed DJ is critical to the success of any event.

best orange county djs

DJ Joel

I think you’ll agree that it’s very important to hear the music you want to hear at your event…and to not hear what you don’t want to hear!  Essence Entertainment‘s Best Orange County DJs get it…they know their job is to play all of your requests, avoid the songs/artists you’ve crossed out, and to supplement the playlist appropriately.  Rest assured they will not take the event into some other direction music-wise than the one you have requested.

best orange county djs

DJ Tim

Best Orange County DJs always dress in a way that is compatible to the event.  Tuxedos are the norm for many weddings and corporate events, but attire can be customized to fit the ambiance of the event.  Be it sport coat and tie, hip all black, or as part of a theme, i.e., beach, country, patriotic, disco, etc.

Contact Essence Entertainment for the Best Orange County DJs!


Brad Powell Ensembles are flexible

Brad Powell

Brad Powell, Guitarist, is one of Essence Entertainment’s many wonderful musicians…but he is also very flexible!

So far this month Essence Entertainment has booked Brad as a Solo Spanish Guitarist, a Guitar/Sax Duo, a Jazz Duo, and as a Trio.

He specializes in small affairs, weddings and corporate events.  He’s perfect for a Cocktail Hour, a Wedding Ceremony, a social luncheon, a corporate dinner, and even themed events!

Brad Powell Trio - Urban Unveiled @ Vibiana 2013 Brad Powell Jazz Trio 5 @ Vibiana LA 2013