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Tips on Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles

Tips on Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles

Finding Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles could not be easier!

Here are some helpful tips:

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Holiday Handbell Carolers

1.  After you’ve locked in your date and location, think about and set a budget for Holiday Music and Entertainment.  Knowing this in advance will help you narrow down your options and ultimately help with the decision making process.

LA Holiday Entertainment

Real Bearded Santas

2.  A fun way to plan a Holiday Event is to add a Theme – for instance, a Great Gatsby theme, a 1960′s Hippie theme, or Holidays in the Snowy Mountains theme.  Having a theme allows the music and entertainment options to include ideas other than the traditional Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Exciting Dance Bands

3.  Next step is to explore your options.  The easiest way to do this is to work with a reputable company which provides a wide variety of music and entertainment, thereby allowing you the opportunity to explore and consider many options within your budget parameters.  (Essence Entertainment is a good choice.)

LA Holiday Entertainment

Holiday Elves

4.  In many cases, working with one company for all of your music and entertainment needs, will allow you the possibility of receiving a package discount if you hire more than one entity.  It never hurts to ask!


LA Holiday Entertainment

Props and Decor

5.  Remember – your guests are going to appreciate whatever you provide for them.  Most importantly, they won’t have any idea of what you didn’t choose, so try not to get hung up on the music and entertainment you did not (or could not) hire.

In a nutshell, working with one company for all of your music and entertainment needs makes things so much easier.  Consider it a one-stop shop.  You’ll have one point of contact, easy communication and planning expertise.

Holiday Entertainment LA

Children’s Puppet Show

When choosing a company to work with for your Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles be sure to choose a company which has been in business for a while, is licensed and insured, has full-time office hours, is referred by those you trust, and is fun to work with!  That company is Essence Entertainment.

Essence Entertainment Talent Agency is Southern California’s elite entertainment production company for Corporate Events, Weddings and Private Parties.  They feature the very finest in Dance Bands, Disc Jockeys, Classical and Jazz Ensembles, Theme & Novelty Acts, Celebrity Entertainment and full-service Event Production.  Their professional Staff will help you create a unique, imaginative event, sure to exceed all expectations.  Licensed, insured, and referred by those you trust for over 30 years, Essence Entertainment provides personalized attention to detail, industry expertise and a delightful experience.  (Click Here to explore their website!)

If you have any questions on how to proceed with your Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles, or would just like to brainstorm on some ideas, be sure to give Essence Entertainment a call!

(714) 979-8933

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Thrilling DJs


60′s Theme Birthday Party in Orange

60′s Theme Birthday Party in Orange

A fabulous 60′s theme Birthday Party was produced by Essence Entertainment last Sunday in Orange.

125 guests were treated to a groovy affair that was totally decked out with 60′s theme decor, food and entertainment.  Even all of the guests were dressed up in their mod 60′s theme rags.  Peace signs, tie die and fringe was the name of the game!

60's theme birthday party

Birthday Girl Valerie

60′s theme Birthday Girl Valerie especially enjoyed the groovy happening!  The 2,400 photos taken at the event showed Valerie having a blast in every shot!

60's theme party

Judy with Jeff and Eric




Many excellent vendors worked together to create such a boss event.  Designed and produced by Judy Kuri of Essence Entertainment, the participating vendors all contributed to the party’s success.

Birthday Party 60's theme

DJ Eric

DJ/MC Eric Miles held things together with his 60′s theme music and karaoke – many performers took hold of the microphone and enhanced the birthday party with their singing!

Jeff Abbitt, Abbitt the Average, provided Comedy, Juggling and Close Up Magic.  He’s a big ham and was another one of those people who were having a great time in every photo.

Birthday Party 60's theme

Jeff Abbit the Average

Catering was brought in by Spectacular Catering – complete with cupcakes covered in peace signs. 60's theme party


Birthday 60's theme

Ice Luge



One of Valerie’s favorite parts was the Ice Luge serving martini’s, created and served by Carving Ice.

All of the props and decor were brought in by BTB – Best of the Best Event Productions and Party Rentals.  They provided just the right effect for this 60′s theme birthday party.

High-end portable restrooms were provided by Royal Restrooms Inc.

Even a Flash Mob came in and did their thing – so much fun!

Birthday party 60's theme

“Otis Day”

The highlight of the 60′s theme birthday party however is when “Otis Day” (Dewayne Jessie) of “Otis Day and the Knights” arrived to wish Valerie a Happy Birthday.  The Otis Day and the Knights band was originally created as a fictional band to perform in the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House”.  The band is best known of course for their versions of “Shout” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong”.  Both songs were actually sung by Lloyd Williams, but were lip synched in the film by Otis Day, played in the movie by Dewayne Jessie.theme party 60's party 60's theme 60's theme party




Otis entertained all of the guests with his terrific 60′s theme renditions, and Valerie and her friends had a ball dancing and singing along.

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Graduation Party with Look Alikes

So, you’re having a party and you’d like to add something different for your guests to enjoy…

Why not invite some Professional Look Alikes to attend?!

These talented artists can Meet & Greet with your guests, take photos, crash the party and ‘act as if’ they are personal friends of yours, perform for you and your guests…you have so many options!

Our client Latisha LOVES using Look Alikes and invites them to every one of her parties.  This photo is from her Graduation Party…looks like fun, doesn’t it?!