Tips on Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles

Tips on Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles

Finding Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles could not be easier!

Here are some helpful tips:

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Holiday Handbell Carolers

1.  After you’ve locked in your date and location, think about and set a budget for Holiday Music and Entertainment.  Knowing this in advance will help you narrow down your options and ultimately help with the decision making process.

LA Holiday Entertainment

Real Bearded Santas

2.  A fun way to plan a Holiday Event is to add a Theme – for instance, a Great Gatsby theme, a 1960′s Hippie theme, or Holidays in the Snowy Mountains theme.  Having a theme allows the music and entertainment options to include ideas other than the traditional Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Exciting Dance Bands

3.  Next step is to explore your options.  The easiest way to do this is to work with a reputable company which provides a wide variety of music and entertainment, thereby allowing you the opportunity to explore and consider many options within your budget parameters.  (Essence Entertainment is a good choice.)

LA Holiday Entertainment

Holiday Elves

4.  In many cases, working with one company for all of your music and entertainment needs, will allow you the possibility of receiving a package discount if you hire more than one entity.  It never hurts to ask!


LA Holiday Entertainment

Props and Decor

5.  Remember – your guests are going to appreciate whatever you provide for them.  Most importantly, they won’t have any idea of what you didn’t choose, so try not to get hung up on the music and entertainment you did not (or could not) hire.

In a nutshell, working with one company for all of your music and entertainment needs makes things so much easier.  Consider it a one-stop shop.  You’ll have one point of contact, easy communication and planning expertise.

Holiday Entertainment LA

Children’s Puppet Show

When choosing a company to work with for your Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles be sure to choose a company which has been in business for a while, is licensed and insured, has full-time office hours, is referred by those you trust, and is fun to work with!  That company is Essence Entertainment.

Essence Entertainment Talent Agency is Southern California’s elite entertainment production company for Corporate Events, Weddings and Private Parties.  They feature the very finest in Dance Bands, Disc Jockeys, Classical and Jazz Ensembles, Theme & Novelty Acts, Celebrity Entertainment and full-service Event Production.  Their professional Staff will help you create a unique, imaginative event, sure to exceed all expectations.  Licensed, insured, and referred by those you trust for over 30 years, Essence Entertainment provides personalized attention to detail, industry expertise and a delightful experience.  (Click Here to explore their website!)

If you have any questions on how to proceed with your Holiday Entertainment in Los Angeles, or would just like to brainstorm on some ideas, be sure to give Essence Entertainment a call!

(714) 979-8933

Los Angeles Holiday Entertainment

Thrilling DJs


Los Angeles Wedding DJ

Los Angeles Wedding DJ

Los Angeles DJ

Are you looking for a Los Angeles Wedding DJ?  Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with all of the Disc Jockeys out there to choose from?  Would you like some help in finding a Los Angeles Wedding DJ for your upcoming wedding?

Los Angeles DJA good place to start is with a reputable company that is licensed and insured, has been in business for a long time, is easy to work with, and is referred by those you trust  – a company like Essence Entertainment.

When shopping for wedding vendors there are a number of ways to pick a Los Angeles Wedding DJ.  Essence Entertainment has found that having a video of each of their DJs is a tremendous benefit.  A great way to get to know the DJs a little bit is by watching the DJ videos, and along with the information provided by your Talent Manager, you’ll have a much easier time choosing which DJ is the right fit for you.

DJ Los Angeles

Essence Entertainment DJ Paul

All of the DJs provided by Essence Entertainment are terrific Emcee’s, they know how to ‘go with the flow’ and make adjustments along the way to keep things running smoothly, and they pay attention to every detail ensuring your big day is truly special.

Los Angeles DJ

Essence Entertainment DJ Joel

A big part of making your day successful is the planning -  your DJ and Essence Entertainment put a lot of energy into this – making sure you have marked up the DJ Song List with what you want to hear as well as what you don’t want to hear, making sure you have a detailed Timeline and sequence of events,  and helping you decide how you want to handle all of your chosen formalities (i.e., Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, etc.).

LA Disc Jockey

Essence Entertainment DJ Sean

Everything is sure to run smoothly when your Los Angeles Wedding DJ knows in advance exactly how you’d like the event to go.  Your Essence Entertainment DJ is well briefed on every detail.

You also have the option of having your DJ play for the Wedding Ceremony as well as the Reception.  Your Talent Manager will discuss with you the options available so that everything is covered accordingly.  In most cases, the DJ will bring a second, smaller audio system for the Ceremony, providing Wedding Ceremony Music and microphones as needed.

Los Angeles ceremony musican

Essence Entertainment Harpist, Ellie

If you’d prefer to have live musicians play for your Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Hour, Essence Entertainment will help you with this option as well.


Be sure to contact Essence Entertainment for your Los Angeles Wedding DJ!

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony Music Los AngelesChoosing your Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music can be challenging and overwhelming.  How do I choose the wedding ceremony music?  How do I choose the wedding ceremony musicians?

The best thing to do with regards to picking out the specific music and the musicians for your wedding ceremony is to listen!  Listen to different styles of music – for instance, Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc.  At the same time, listen to the different types of musicians you can have playing that music.

Wedding Ceremony Music LAThe first decision is whether you want all Classical music selections, or do you want to incorporate more contemporary styles of music, like a current pop song.  Once you’ve narrowed down the style of music you want, it will be easier to choose what to listen to.

There are many traditional Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music options in the Classical genre to choose from.  If you want a more traditional ceremony, this is usually the route to go.  Spend time with iTunes or with websites that offer lots of Los Angeles wedding ceremony music examples, like Essence Entertainment’s Musical Ensembles website page, or their YouTube Wedding Music Samples Playlist.  Here you’ll find lots of terrific samples in all styles.

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony MusicEssence Entertainment’s samples will also let you listen to the different types of musicians you have to choose from – for instance, Solo Harp or Guitar, Harp Ensemble, String Trio or Quartet, Brass Ensemble, etc., etc.  Simply pick the type of musician(s) you like the sound of!  There’s no right or wrong, or more traditional, or any such thing – just pick the instruments you like!

Once you’ve picked the instruments you like best, make a list of the musical selections you like best.

Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony MusicNext thing to do is match the song selection with the particular ceremony formality.  By this I mean you want to pick a song for the Seating of the Mom’s, Bridesmaids Entrance, Bridal Processional, and the Recessional at the very least.  Other formalities you may want to participate in are Candle Lighting, Communion, Gift Presentation, or even a song for the Groomsmen to enter on.

Wedding Ceremony Music LANow you can start to match the song to the formality.  The Bridal Processional can be the traditional ‘Here Comes the Bride’, ‘Trumpet Voluntary’, or even your favorite love song.  Think about whether you want the music to make an introductory statement, or you want a more easy flowing, romantic ambiance.  Then maybe use your Mom’s favorite song for her Seating…or another one of your favorites…

Follow this by picking the Recessional, then the song for the Bridesmaids Entrance.  All the left over songs can be requested for Prelude Music, while Guests are arriving and being seated, if you wish.

Wedding Ceremony Music LAIf you’d like some additional assistance with picking the music and the musicians for your Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony Music, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Staff at Essence Entertainment – they’d be delighted to assist you with this process!