Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding BandsWedding Bands Los Angeles





There are many options to choose from when considering Los Angeles Wedding Bands – it can be a little daunting to say the least.

They say the best option when looking for Los Angeles Wedding Bands is to work with a professional, licensed agency.  Why?  There are a number of reasons…

Wedding Bands LAFirst, an agency (like Essence Entertainment) will have access to many bands with your criteria, i.e., size, style, budget, thereby giving you many to choose from – a one-stop shop you might say.

Second, you can rest assured that the Los Angeles Wedding Bands presented to you are professional, experienced, and dependable, and they’ve proven themselves time and time again to the agency to be among the best in their category.

LA Wedding BandsThird, working with an agency provides you with many more services that individual bands generally don’t offer:  professional contracts, phone and office access 6 days per week, considerate follow up, planning services, easy communication, and insurance.  This last item, insurance, is very important to you and to your event site.  Many sites will require that all of your vendors provide proof of insurance.

Wedding Bands Los AngelesEssence Entertainment is just such an agency – licensed, insured, and referred by those you trust.  In business for over 30 years now, Essence Entertainment has proven themselves to be a leader in the industry when it comes to live entertainment and event production.

In addition to terrific Los Angeles Wedding Bands, Essence Entertainment also provides all of your Wedding Ceremony Music needs.  Be it a String Trio, Solo Harp, Guitar Flute Duo, or Mariachis, Essence Entertainment has anything and everything you might desire for your Wedding Ceremony Music.

LA Wedding Bands

Los Angeles Wedding Bands





Adding a DJ with your Band is very popular these days, and Essence Entertainment can add one of their excellent Disc Jockeys to your event to enhance the Band’s performance (if the Band doesn’t already come with its own DJ).

LA Disc JockeyLA DJ

Event Production Orange County

Event Production Orange County

oc event production

event production orange county


When you’re planning an upcoming event, there are so many things to consider…and it can be overwhelming, to say the least.  What’s the answer?  Hire a company that specializes in Event Production Orange County!

event production OC


That company is Essence Entertainment.  Based in Orange County, Essence Entertainment produces events throughout Southern California.  They will handle all aspects of your event, including entertainment, props, decor, catering, florals, audio/visual, photography/videography, etc.  The whole kit & kaboodle!

event production orange county


Before contacting Essence Entertainment for assistance with your Event Production Orange County, it’s best to know the date of the event, the approximate number of guests, location (unless you need help with that, too), and an idea of your budget parameters.  This way Essence Entertainment can better assist with the design of your event.

orange county event production


Brainstorming with the Event Production Staff is the first item on the to-do list.  Reviewing your goals and desires along with any theme ideas, as well as just exploring lots of different ideas, is a good way to get started.  You may collectively come up with some ideas you would not have thought of on your own.

orange county event production


Next it’s good to know what your priorities are, especially if the budget is tight.  This way Essence Entertainment can be sure to help you allocate time and attention where it is most important.

OC event production


Essence Entertainment will then create some outlines incorporating your favorite ideas and your budget parameters.  Discussion and brainstorming is often continued.



When the final plan is confirmed, Essence Entertainment will then assist with all aspects of the event, helping with timelines / sequence of events, formalities and how they are handled, etc.  And, of course, all of the logistics needed to successfully deliver, load-in, set-up, and execute a fabulous event!



So, when thinking about Event Production Orange County, be sure to contact Essence Entertainment – it never hurts to spend some time brainstorming about your event with the most successful event production company in town!



Orange County Theme Entertainment

 Orange County Theme Entertainment

OC Theme Entertainment

Orange County Theme Entertainment is anything that adds a thematic flair to any event.  A few obvious examples are a Marilyn Monroe Look Alike for a Hollywood themed event, a Steel Drum Band for a Summer/Pool party, an Italian Accordion/Violin Duo for an Italian themed event, Polynesian Dancers for a Hawaiian or Tropical event…you get the picture.

Orange County ThemeOrange County Theme EntertainmentOrange County Theme Entertainment can be Main Stage Shows (like the Polynesian Dancers for a Hawaiian event), or it can be for atmosphere, to enhance the theme of the event.  Some ideas might be ‘Cigarette’ Girls passing out mints in appropriately themed costumes, Wine Stomping activity for an Italian themed event, a Beach Band for a summer party,  or Carolers for a Holiday Party.

OC Theme Entertainmenttheme entertainment OCThemed decor and catering are also key to any themed event.  It could be as little as just having themed Centerpieces on the tables, or it can be full swing with props, decor, furniture, and menu all designed with the theme in mind.

orange county theme entertainmentorange county theme entertainmentThe theme can be related to a country, location or ethnicity – for instance, French, Italian, Country Western, Hollywood, Asian, Las Vegas, etc.

theme entertainment OCThe theme can also be based on a particular time frame – 1970′s Disco, 1940′s Big Band Swing or WWII era, 1960′s Psychedelic/Hippies/Beatles era, Great Gatsby era, and the like.

theme entertainment orange countyorange county theme entertainment

You can also find themes related to certain Holidays or Events – such as Christmas Holiday, Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Fourth of July, Holloween, Mardis Gras, etc.

oc theme entertainmentThemes can also be chosen with a certain person in mind by choosing something that happens to be a favorite or related somehow – could be any of the above, or more specific – a theme based on a particular color, or an animal, or an event in time, or a favorite Star or Personality…

theme entertainment orange countyWhen designing a theme party it’s often very helpful to have someone to brainstorm with to explore all of the possibilities available for a certain theme – that’s where Essence Entertainment comes in.  The experienced Staff at Essence Entertainment will help you delve into the limitless possibilities associated with a theme and help you design an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!