Orange County Wedding DJ

Orange County Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Orange County

Are you looking for an Orange County Wedding DJ?  Are you overwhelmed with all of the DJs that are out there?  Would you like some help in finding an Orange County Wedding DJ for your upcoming wedding?

EETA Logo 2012-Final-Compressed Size(1)A good place to start is with a reputable company that has been in business for a long time, is licensed and insured, is referred by those you trust, and is easy to work with – Essence Entertainment.

There are a number of ways to pick an Orange County Wedding DJ, but Essence Entertainment has found that having a video of each of their DJs helps tremendously.  Watching these videos is a great way to get to know the DJs a little bit, and along with the information provided by the Talent Managers, you’ll be better equipped to choose which DJ is right for you.

DJ orange countyAll of Essence Entertainment’s DJs are very experienced Emcee’s, they pay attention to detail, and they know how to ‘go with the flow’ and make adjustments along the way to keep things running smoothly on your big day.

The planning process is a big part of designing your DJ entertainment and Essence Entertainment puts a lot of energy into it – making sure you have a detailed Timeline and sequence of events, making sure you have marked up the DJ Song List with what you want to hear as well as what you don’t want to hear, and helping you decide on which formalities you want to participate in and how you want to handle them (i.e., Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, etc.).

When your Orange County Wedding DJ knows in advance exactly how you’d like the event to go, everything is sure to run smoothly.  Essence Entertainment always makes sure your DJ is well briefed on every detail.

You have the option of having your DJ play just for the Wedding Reception, or for both the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception.  Be sure to discuss with your Talent Manager the options available so that everything is covered accordingly.  In most cases, the DJ will bring a second, smaller system for the Ceremony, providing Wedding Ceremony Music and microphones.

Orange County ceremony musicanIf you’d prefer to have live musicians play for your Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Hour, Essence Entertainment will help you with this option as well.


Be sure to contact Essence Entertainment for your Orange County Wedding DJ!

Orange County Novelty Acts

Orange County Novelty Acts

Orange County Novelty ActOrange County Novelty Acts are great fun and can add just the right splash to your corporate event or private party.

What is a Novelty Act?

Novelty Act Orange CountyOrange County Novelty Acts are any type of performer or entertainment that is not a typical Band, DJ, Classical or Jazz Ensemble, or the like.  Novelty Acts are the Magicians, Comedians, Caricature Artists, Contortionists, Stilt Walkers, Living Statues, Walking Candy Tables, Cigar Stations, Look Alikes / Impersonators, Ballroom Dancers, etc.

OC Novelty Act

Novelty Acts can be associated with a Theme – be it Polynesian Dancers for a Luau, Roper for a Country Western party, Look Alikes and Strolling Magician for a Las Vegas themed event, Face Painter for a Children’s party, Crazed Fans and Paparazzi for a Hollywood themed event, Santa and Elves for a Holiday party, or a Water Bubble Acrobat or Synchronized Swimmers for a Backyard Pool party.  Novelty Act Orange County

As you can well imagine, there are many, many options to choose from when it comes to Orange County Novelty Acts.  Numerous are obvious when it comes to matching them with a theme or certain type of event – however, many more options are not as obvious but are just as fabulous!

How do you find these Novelty Acts?  Ask one of the experienced Talent Managers at Essence Entertainment – they can brainstorm with you and help you explore all of the options available to you.

Orange County Novelty ActsMany Novelty Acts can be added to your event ‘just because’ – just because they are different and very entertaining, and sure to delight your guests.  Cirque, Strong Man and Balancing Acts are always a big hit, because they are so visually stimulating and exciting to watch.

Interactive Novelty Acts like Strolling Magicians, Look Alikes, Caricature Artists, Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists, Stilt Walkers, Clowns, Puppeteers, Cigar Rollers, and the like, are great for just about any event where you want activity and energy.  Novelty Act OC

Or maybe you’re having an Awards Banquet or Presentation by a VIP…why not add Fanfare Trumpeters to announce, Showgirls to escort, Illusionist to reveal, or Look Alike to introduce.

Orange County Novelty Acts are definitely something to consider when designing your next party or event – be sure to ask Essence Entertainment how they can help!

Ceremony Musicians in Orange County

What types of Ceremony Musicians in Orange County are there to choose from?

For Ceremony Musicians in Orange County there are many options to choose from…

Orange County ceremony musicanThere are two basic things to consider when deciding on your Wedding Ceremony Musicians in Orange County…the instrumentation you want to hear and the actual songs you want played.  Today let’s talk about the different types of instrumentation you have to choose from…

The particular instrumentation you choose will create a certain ambiance and personality for your event, according to Essence Entertainment.  There are many equally lovely options to choose from.  Your decision will be generally based on what you like, the size of your event, and what your budget is.  Here we discuss the traditional options.

ceremony musician orange countyThe most cost-effective option is a Soloist – appropriate for small to medium sized events.  Soloists to choose from are:

  • Solo Guitar
  • Solo Harp
  • Solo Piano / Keyboards
  • Solo Organ
  • Bagpiper

If your Ceremony Site has one, it’s always nice to utilize a Piano or Organ.  But it’s not mandatory, especially if you prefer the sound of a Guitar or a Harp better.  A Solo Artist creates a more intimate atmosphere musically.  For all situations, be sure to pick an instrument that is appropriate for the setting – for instance, if your Ceremony is in the middle of the beach, don’t pick a Harp…it is not possible to get these large, expensive instruments across the sand.  Or if overall volume is a concern, pick a Guitar, as Guitarists generally bring an amplifier.

A Duo is generally one of the above Rhythm Instruments along with a Solo Instrument.  A few examples are:

  • Harp / Violin Duo
  • Harp / Flute Duo
  • Harp / Cello Duo
  • Guitar / Violin Duo
  • Guitar / Flute Duo
  • Guitar / Cello Duo
  • Guitar / Sax Duo
  • Piano / Violin Duo
  • Piano / Trumpet Duo
  • Organ / Trumpet Duo
  • Any Rhythm Instrument with a Vocalist
  • …etc.

Can you see the pattern here?  There are many more similar combinations to consider.  Duos are appropriate for small to medium events.  Something to consider when deciding on your music – if your Ceremony Musicians will also be playing for your Cocktail Hour, you want to make sure they won’t get overwhelmed with conversation noise.  For instance, a Solo Harp can get lost in an outdoor setting of 80 people or more.

A Trio is the next configuration to consider.  Now, here, you can have Three Solo Instruments playing together or a Rhythm Instrument with Two Solo Instruments.  Here are some examples:

  • Harp / Cello / Violin Trio
  • Harp / Cello / Flute Trio
  • Guitar / Cello / Violin Trio
  • Guitar / Cello / Flute Trio
  • Guitar / Upright Bass / Flute&Sax Trio
  • Keyboards / Cello / Flute Trio
  • Organ / Trumpet / Vocal Trio
  • Cello / Viola / Flute Trio
  • Cello / Violin / Violin Trio
  • …etc.

If you plan on having a Vocalist sing at your event, it is best to have a Rhythm Instrument in the mix – the Rhythm Instrument is much better suited to accompanying the Vocalist than an ensemble with Three Solo Instruments.

Next to consider is the Quartet – again, it can be with or without a Rhythm Instrument…

  • Harp / Cello / Viola / Violin Quartet
  • Harp / Cello / Violin / Flute Quartet
  • Guitar / Cello / Violin / Flute Quartet
  • Guitar / Cello / Viola / Violin Quartet
  • Cello / Viola / Violin / Violin Quartet
  • Cello / Viola / Violin / Flute Quartet
  • …etc.

The most popular Quintet configuration is the Brass Quintet.

The best way to decide on which Ensemble is best for you is to listen to them!  An ensemble with a Violin has a different personality than an Ensemble with a Flute.  Guitar is different from a Harp both visually and auditorily.  A Quartet sounds different from a Duo.

Other factors to consider, as mentioned above, are budget, the size of event / number of Guests you’re having, and even the space you have available.  The larger ensembles are of course more appropriate for larger events.

If this is confusing for you, then you need to call  Essence Entertainment to get some professional assistance – they can help you decide which configuration of Ceremony Musicians in Orange County is best for your situation.  However, you still need to LISTEN to the different options and decide which one(s) you like the best – only you know the answer to that!  A good resource is the Essence Entertainment YouTube Playlist – they have many of the options available to listen to.  If you need more options to listen to, work with Essence Entertainment - they can play additional samples for you.

Corporate Entertainment in Orange County

Where do you find Corporate Entertainment in Orange County?

That’s a good question…

Corporate entertainment orange county

Chuck Wansley Band

There are many outstanding choices when it comes to Corporate Entertainment in Orange County.  Whether it’s a dynamic Show Band, a Headliner (Comedian, Magician…), Atmosphere Talent or a Celebrity Artist you are considering, it may be a daunting task to try and find the best match for your event.  There’s also Event Production to consider…A/V, staging, lighting, decor, rentals, linens, florals…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop shop to help you design and produce your event?

corporate entertainment orange countyWe suggest a talent agency which has been in business for over 30 years, is licensed and insured, and which is referred by those you can trust.  That agency is Essence Entertainment.

Essence Entertainment, with Mike Steffens at the helm, is Orange County’s elite provider of Entertainment and Event Production for any type of corporate event in Orange County.  Large or small, next week or next year, Mike and his Staff are not only delightful to work with, they will brainstorm through many fabulous options for you to choose from.

Once the entertainment is decided upon, they will work closely with you to plan the execution of the event.  Planning consists of all of those details needed to ensure the event is successful – load-in logistics, time-line and sequence of events, communication between vendors, etc.  Essence Entertainment considers this part of the process very important and dedicates a lot of time and energy towards it.  corporate entertainment orange county

corporate entertainment orange county

Celebrity Artist Paul Williams with Robin Kelly

The planning stage can also bring to light aspects of the event that have not yet been considered…things like a stage which is the right size for your Band; ample lighting for your presentation; enough power to handle all of the elements; green room and accommodations for your talent; time-line of load-in, sound check, rehearsal if needed, all of which need to happen before your guests are in the area; theme decor (centerpieces, lounge furniture, up-lighting, props, etc.); atmosphere entertainment (i.e., musicians and strolling talent during Cocktail Hour to introduce your guests to the theme); appropriate Audio / Visual elements; rentals as needed (i.e., outdoor tents, tables/chairs, linens, trash cans…); and many other items which may need to be considered for your event.

Because there can be so many different elements to consider for your corporate entertainment in Orange County, a one-stop shop which handles all of the pertinent elements can ensure that your event goes smoothly and is a terrific success!  Let Essence Entertainment be your one-stop shop!

corporate entertainment orange county