Holiday Music and Entertainment in Orange County

Holiday Music and Entertainment in Orange County

Well, it’s about that time again, folks!  It comes around faster every year, I know…but it’s time to start thinking about your Holiday Music and Entertainment!Holiday entertainment and musicHoliday entertainment SantaHoliday entertainment Santa

Whether you’re planning a large corporate dinner party, a smaller corporate luncheon, a private soiree with family and friends, or a children’s party, the sooner you book your Holiday Music and Entertainment the better – you’ll have more options to choose from, and you’ll be able to check it off your To Do List!

Carolers Holiday entertainmentThere are many types of wonderful Holiday themed entertainment.  The obvious, but always appreciated items like Holiday Carolers and Santa book up the fastest, so if Carolers or Santa are on your list, be sure to call Essence Entertainment soon.

For larger events, Cocktail Music is usually appropriate and lovely to have – be it Carolers, a String Ensemble, a Jazz Trio, or even a Steel Drum Duo playing Holiday favorites.  Your guests will enjoy the ambiance Cocktail Hour Music provides.

entertainment holidayIn addition to music during your Cocktail Hour, you might also add some atmosphere entertainment – Strolling Magician, Look Alike, Costumed Tray Passing Girls, Santa / Elves / Grinch / Show Girls for Photo Op Station, Cirque type Act…entertainment Holiday

holiday entertainment and musicFor Dinner and Dancing, a live Band is always a good bet!  As mentioned in the past few Blog Posts, Essence Entertainment has a fabulous collection of professional dance bands to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for a smaller 4-6 piece variety dance band, a larger Show Band, or a Theme Band, be sure to check with Essence Entertainment.

music and entertainment Holiday

DJ Sean

Professional Disc Jockeys are also very popular – be sure to visit Essence Entertainment’s DJ Page to view the different DJ styles and personalities available to you.

After Dinner Shows are also very popular, be it for a large corporate event or a small intimate affair.  Essence Entertainment can design a customized variety show just for you, provide a Celebrity Head Liner, or create a wonderful experience with any number of fantastic performers and shows.  Essence Entertainment has videos on the Acts available to choose from, be it a Cabaret Artist, a Comedian, a Comedy Magician, a mini Legends Show, a Vocal Group…so many ideas to explore.

holiday music and entertainmentActivities might be on your list – why not try the classic Casino Night, or maybe diversify with an evening of Horse Racing.

holiday music and entertainmentFor Family and Children’s parties the possibilities are endless – Santa, Elves, Face Painter, Caricature Artist, Strolling Magician, Stilt Walker, Temporary Tattoo Artist, Line Dance or Country Dance Instructor, Look Alike, Arcade Games, Photo Booth, Petting Zoo, Snow Garden, Bounce House, Climbing Wall…the list goes on and on!entertainment holiday

Don’t delay!  Call Essence Entertainment and start brainstorming and planning your Holiday Music and Entertainment today!



How to find an Orange County Professional Band for your Event

Orange County Professional Band

When designing a Corporate Event, Fund Raiser or Wedding Reception, you want the best of everything…site, catering, decor, and entertainment.  When considering entertainment, one of the most important aspects is the professionalism associated with the Talent Agency or Orange County Professional Band you are looking at.  How can you measure professionalism?  Here are a few things to consider…

Professional Band Orange County

Insurance is important in many ways.  It protects you, your site, your guests…it really is all encompassing.  Many sites even insist that your entertainment be insured and provide proof of insurance.  Now, many individual bands are unable to provide proof of insurance.  So what do you do?  The easiest thing is to use a professional Talent Agency like Essence Entertainment, which is fully licensed and insured.  Then you can pick your favorite professional band in Orange County and not worry about providing proof of insurance, as Essence Entertainment can provide a Certificate of Insurance showing your location / hotel as being additionally insured.

Professional Band Orange CountyAnother sign of professionalism is the length of time an agency or band has been in business.  Many agencies pre-qualify the bands they represent, vetting them in all of the important areas:  talent, professionalism, dependability, consistency, ability to MC, etc.  An agency like Essence Entertainment can provide piece of mind with regards to these qualities.  Especially since they’ve been in business for over 30 years!  Many of the professional bands they represent have been with them for a long time and are proven to be dependable and professional.  How nice to have that track record!

Professional Band Orange CountyOrange County Professional Bands come in many shapes and sizes.  The size, style or price point of the band has nothing to do with their professionalism.  When working with a professional agency you can specify the style of band you’re looking for, the budget range you have to work with, the ambiance you want to create, etc.  Essence Entertainment works very hard to provide multiple options to choose from within your parameters.  Having already established their professionalism, you can feel comfortable picking any band they represent.

Are you looking for an Orange County Professional Band?  Spend some time looking at the wonderful Bands at Essence Entertainment.  You won’t be disappointed!  Click logo below:

Orange County Professional Dance Band







Orange County Show Bands

Orange County Show Bands

Planning a Corporate Event and in need of a terrific Show Band?!  Well, look no further!

ESSENCE ENTERTAINMENT has quite the collection of Orange County Show Bands to choose from.

What exactly is a Show Band?  Generally it is a live performance group which specializes in Corporate Events, Fund Raisers, large Weddings, etc., playing a wide variety of music.  These Bands are usually larger than the typical Band (10 or more musicians), and often include costume changes and choreography.  An excellent example of this is The Red Hot Band.

A Show Band can also be what is referred to as a Theme Band – a Band which specializes in a particular type or genre of music.  A good example of this is The Hodads – they specialize in Beach Music.

An Orange County Show Band generally has multiple singers up front, giving you a variety of talent and vocal styles.  Many of the instrumentalists often sing, as well, providing lead as well as back-up vocals.  The Stellar Show Band is a thrilling example of this:

Country Western music is a favorite of many, and another example of a Theme Band would be the Kelly Rae Country Band:

Another exhilarating Orange County Show Band is The Zippers…one male and four female lead vocalists, horn section, etc.

A Show Band can also simply feature a single, charismatic artist up front – someone who can carry the show primarily by him or herself.  Chuck Wansley is just one of those artists…

Essence Entertainment is proud to represent so many outstanding Show Bands.  If you’d like more information about these Bands or would like to learn about additional Orange County Show Bands, be sure to contact Essence Entertainment at your earliest convenience.  You can also preview Show Bands on their website and on their YouTube Channel.