Wedding Ceremony Music Orange County

Wedding Ceremony Music Orange County

Here are a few ideas from Essence Entertainment of what you can do for Wedding Ceremony Music – Orange County: Wedding Ceremony Music Orange County

The traditional favorite is still Strings.  There are a few decisions to be made when designing the type of Wedding Ceremony Music Orange County ensemble you’d like to have at your Ceremony – first, do you want a String Trio or a String Quartet; the next decision is whether you want All Strings or an ensemble with Flute.  All options are beautiful – they just have different personalities.  Essence Entertainment says to be sure to listen to the available options to make an informed choice.  Here is a video featuring a String Ensemble with Flute:

Continuing with the string family, next is Harp.  You can have a Solo Harpist, a Duo, a Trio or a Quartet.  For a Duo you can add a Flute, or a Violin, or a Cello.  The Trio usually adds a Cello plus either a Flute or a Violin.  Again, as with the String Ensemble, the Quartet can be All Strings, adding a Cello, Viola and Violin, or it can be with Flute, adding a Cello, Violin and Flute.  As with the String Ensembles, the different options which you can hire through Essence Entertainment are all lovely – listen to them all to get a good idea of what your options are.  Here is a Harp Quartet with Harp, Cello, Violin and Flute:

Guitar is also a lovely instrument for your Wedding Ceremony.  You can have Solo Guitar or an Ensemble.  The Solo Guitar generally plays Classical Music, but it’s also nice if you’d like more of a contemporary or folksy sound.  One option Essence Entertainment really likes with the Guitar is the Duo – you can add a Flute Player who also doubles on Saxophone – thereby, the Guitar/Flute plays Classical Music during the Ceremony, and the the Guitar/Sax plays during the Cocktail Hour, playing a wide variety of Jazz and Contemporary repertoire — it’s like having two groups for the price of one!  A Guitar Trio usually adds a Cello or an Upright Bass (again, that Upright Bass is great for the Jazz repertoire during Cocktails).  A Violin can also be incorporated instead of the Flute option.  Here is a sample of Solo Guitar:

If your church has a Piano and / or an Organ, you can utilize these instruments beautifully for your Wedding Ceremony.  They can be used individually, or you can add another instrument or two, most notably a Trumpet or a Vocalist.

Go to Essence Entertainment website or YouTube Channel to hear many more examples!

Off the beaten path options include:  Steel Drums, Accordion, a Vocal Group, Bagpipes, Mariachis, Hawaiian Ensemble, etc.  Lots of fun ways to make your Wedding Ceremony Music exciting and memorable!

Orange County Wedding Ceremony Music