Best Orange County DJs

Best Orange County DJs

Find the Best Orange County DJs at Essence Entertainment!

Looking for a DJ for a wedding or special event can seem a daunting task…there are just so many to choose from!

Here are some important things to consider:

Essence Entertainment is a fully licensed and insured talent agency, which makes them a very credible option to consider.  Many locations require all vendors to be insured, and with Essence Entertainment, there’s one less thing to worry about.

Best Orange County DJs

DJ Sean

Executive Talent Manager Mike Steffens is very diligent about Planning Details – he’ll work closely with you to design a Timeline and Sequence of Events, as well as discuss the preferred musical repertoire (a DJ Song List is always provided).  Your selected DJ will be fully apprised of all of the details, enabling him to run the event smoothly and to your specific desires.

All of Essence Entertainment‘s Best Orange County DJs are very experienced and skilled Emcees.  Since your DJ has all of the details of your event in hand, he is ideally suited to conduct all of the announcements and formalities.  An experienced and well-versed DJ is critical to the success of any event.

best orange county djs

DJ Joel

I think you’ll agree that it’s very important to hear the music you want to hear at your event…and to not hear what you don’t want to hear!  Essence Entertainment‘s Best Orange County DJs get it…they know their job is to play all of your requests, avoid the songs/artists you’ve crossed out, and to supplement the playlist appropriately.  Rest assured they will not take the event into some other direction music-wise than the one you have requested.

best orange county djs

DJ Tim

Best Orange County DJs always dress in a way that is compatible to the event.  Tuxedos are the norm for many weddings and corporate events, but attire can be customized to fit the ambiance of the event.  Be it sport coat and tie, hip all black, or as part of a theme, i.e., beach, country, patriotic, disco, etc.

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Are you having a 4th of July party?

Are you having a 4th of July party?

4th of July – are you ready with some fun entertainment for your upcoming 4th of July party?

A lucky client just booked our Uncle Sam Stiltwalker!

4th of July PartyThere are so many wonderful ideas for 4th of July parties…let’s see…where do I begin?

4th of July party

The Hodads

4th of July party

Dixieland Band

Musical entertainment is generally the first thing we think about – be it a Dixieland Band, a Beach Band, a DJ, a Steel Drum Band…lots of fun ways to incorporate music and even dancing into your 4th of July party.  In addition, many people incorporate another theme to go along with the Patriotic theme usually associated with 4th of July – Beach, Polynesian Luau, Parrot Head, Carnival…all of which can be represented with musical entertainment.

4th of July party

Caricature Artist

Activities are usually next on the list.  If you have lots of children attending your 4th of July party you may want to incorporate a Face Painter, Caricature Artist, Balloon Artist, Story-Teller, Clown and/or Magician, Bounce House, Stilt-Walker, Carnival Games…lots of great ways to keep those kids entertained.

4th of July party

Polynesian Dancer

Adults, too, like activities…again, Caricature Artist, Carnival Games and Strolling Magicians are always popular.  You can also add a Photo Booth, Casino, Horse Racing, a Polynesian Show, etc.

4th of July party

Pizza Truck

Let’s not forget about food!  It’s always fun to add specialized food trucks to your 4th of July party – a fire truck that serves up pizza (Company 77), a truck that serves up customized hot dogs (Dogzilla), or maybe Mexican favorites (Soho Taco)…lots of options.  If you’re not going to that extent, maybe provide an Ice Cream Sundae Cart or Popcorn Cart!

4th of July party

Water Slide

Decor can also spruce up your 4th of July party – certainly the typical red white and blue bunting, flags and balloons are always exciting.  If you’re incorporating another theme, say Beach or Polynesian, you can add thatched huts for your bar or food area, tiki torches, surf boards, hula hoops…the possibilities are endless!  Same goes for a Horse Racing theme, a Casino theme, a Carnival theme…you get the picture!

4th of July party

Clown One-Man Band

Let the creative and experienced Sales Staff at Essence Entertainment help you brainstorm on the options available to you (within your budget, of course), and ultimately design a 4th of July party that will not soon be forgotten!

Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Orange County Wedding Bands

Orange County Wedding Bands

Orange County Wedding Band

The Red Hot Band

There are so many wonderful Orange County Wedding Bands to choose from!  Essence Entertainment is your premier resource for Bands and all of your Wedding Music needs – and, yes, they have many terrific Bands to choose from – in many shapes and sizes and many price ranges.  Something for everyone!

There are many important things to consider when hiring a Band for your wedding.  Using an Agency which is Licensed and Insured is something you want to look for, and is often required by your Wedding Reception site.  You also want Orange County Wedding Bands who have proven themselves again and again to be professional, appropriate, and big successes – something an Agency provides for you.

Orange County Wedding Bands

Sound FX

Essence Entertainment is Licensed and Insured and has been providing excellent music and entertainment services throughout Southern California for over 30 years.  This elite provider of entertainment services makes sure that all of their Orange County Wedding Bands are of the highest quality.

Orange County Wedding Jazz Band

Brad Powell Jazz Ensemble

A professional Orange County Wedding Band not only provides a wide variety of Dinner and Dance Music – each Band also has a Band Leader / MC who will make all of the introductions and announcements in an appropriate, professional manner.  This is very important for your formalities, i.e., Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, etc.

A Song List of the Band’s repertoire will also be provided by Essence Entertainment for all of its Orange County Dance Bands.  In order for the Band to play your favorite songs, you should mark up the Song List accordingly.  And don’t forget the songs you DON’T want played – drawing a single line through the songs you do not want played is as important as making a check mark next to the songs you do want played.  Essence Entertainment’s website provides Song Lists for your perusal!

Attire is also something you can request.  For most weddings, Tuxedo / Formal Attire is the appropriate attire to request.  However, if you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you might request All Black with Coat & Tie.  For the female vocalists you can request Full Length, Cocktail Length, or even your wedding color.

Your Orange County Wedding Band provided by Essence Entertainment will create your Timeline / Sequence of Events.  Mike Steffens, Owner and Executive Talent Manager, prides himself on helping the Bride and Groom design a Timeline, paying attention to every detail.  This customized document is often then used by other Wedding Vendors on site – a very helpful thing to have!

Wedding Band Orange County

Kelly Rae Country Band

As mentioned earlier, a professional dance Band will most likely play a wide variety of music in order to accommodate the wide variety of ages and tastes in attendance at most weddings.  The only exception to the rule is if a Band has been chosen specifically for the particular theme or type of music it specializes in, for instance, a Country Western Band, a Big Band or a Beach Surfer Band.  Even though this may be the case, the Orange County Wedding Bands provided by Essence Entertainment tend to still play a wide variety of music on top of their specialty music.

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