Brad Powell Ensembles are flexible

Brad Powell

Brad Powell, Guitarist, is one of Essence Entertainment’s many wonderful musicians…but he is also very flexible!

So far this month Essence Entertainment has booked Brad as a Solo Spanish Guitarist, a Guitar/Sax Duo, a Jazz Duo, and as a Trio.

He specializes in small affairs, weddings and corporate events.  He’s perfect for a Cocktail Hour, a Wedding Ceremony, a social luncheon, a corporate dinner, and even themed events!

Brad Powell Trio - Urban Unveiled @ Vibiana 2013 Brad Powell Jazz Trio 5 @ Vibiana LA 2013

February bookings start off with a bang

First week of February…fun stuff booked!

Mike and Judy have been busy booking some fun things!  In addition to Paul Williams (see related Blog Post), Essence Entertainment has started the month off with a diverse collection of contracts.

February bookings include Look Alike Marilyn Monroe, DJ Bryan, Black Jack Tables, DJ Sean, Brad Powell Guitar/Sax Duo, topped off with an Accordionist and Balloon Artist!  Just to name a few!

…and we’re just getting started!

Susas Griffiths as Marilyn 2

Look Alike – Marilyn

DJ - Sean Tayco AKA SeanieBoy

DJ Sean Tayco