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Musical Ensembles

Essence Entertainment has a vast variety of Musical Ensembles appropriate for your Wedding Ceremony, Private or Corporate Cocktail Hour, Dinner Party, Luncheon, Open House, Welcome Reception... or any other type of event where background musical ambience would be appropriate.  Our Musical Ensembles play most any style of repertoire, including Classical, Jazz, Easy Listening, Pop and Latin... just to name a few!

Below please find a partial list of some of our more popular options available for your event.  We have provided a few audio clips as samples to give you an idea of what an option may sound like.  Please keep in mind that all options are very flexible and customizable – please contact one of our skilled Talent Managers to help you design an option that will be just right for your event or situation!

See 'Theme' and 'Ethnic' categories for additional options, i.e. Mariachis, Dixieland Jazz, Steel Drums, Bagpiper, etc.

Classical Soloists and Ensembles


String Ensembles

Harp Ensembles

Guitar Ensembles

Brass Ensembles

Other Ensembles

Jazz Solo & Ensembles

Live Vocals can be added to any of the above scenarios…for example:

Ensembles with Vocals – a few sample options: